Together we create your perfect crystal grid.  Completely personal.  Utterly bespoke.

Your journey with Crystal & Rox begins the moment we connect with you.  Before our first in-person consultation, we welcome you to Crystal & Rox with a beautiful personal gift to let you know how special and valued you are.

We arrange a personal consultation at your convenience to connect and collaborate.

At your consultation, our aim is to get to know you and together design the perfect grid to enrich your life.  We’ve experienced first hand the magnificent changes that occur when crystals are used with skill, ancient wisdom and sacred design. We’ve witnessed the positive impact and transformation in our own and others’ lives with crystal grids.

We want to share that gift far and wide.

Your relationship with us will begin a journey which will stay with you forever.  You’ll never be the same again; nor will you want to go back.  We wish to expand your world through our life-changing service, knowledge and skill.  The discussions we have, the wisdom we share, and the experience we envelop you in will open the door to a more abundant life. Our purpose is to help you feel better than you’ve ever felt before; ready to step into a distinctly elevated way of living.

Before we meet, our consultants perform an energy clearing practice to attune with vibrations to ground and centre our minds and harness a sense of peace and joy.  The perfect environment to begin our discussions and spur our creativity.

With our expertise and knowledge, we guide your choices for your grid.  Together we help you decide on the perfect place and size for your grid and discuss all you wish your grid to represent and manifest.

We’re excited to learn about you.  We dive deep into what makes you, you. What sets you apart by acknowledging your unique talents and gifts.  Talk to us about what gets you up in the morning.  What matters most to you.  Your hopes and intentions. Dream with us. Through passionate conversation, we’ll discover your unique purpose, highlight your aspirations and pinpoint your goals.

Fascinated by your story, we promise to be truly present with you and listen attentively to all you wish to share.  Using your desires as a compass, we’ll navigate through the myriad of choices available to you; from stunning crystals to placement, size and design.

Tell us about your ideal space for your grid; your living space, office, gym, meditation room, yacht or private jet.  We aim to understand the energies within and around your chosen space.  With wisdom and discernment, we expertly advise the most complimentary crystals to work in harmony with you now, and throughout your natural progression and growth.

We skillfully and meticulously consider every person who may connect with your crystal grid to ensure harmony and balance.  No detail is left untouched.  Even the land on which your property is built, and the materials your chosen space is made with, are mindfully processed.  If you wish, for a truly personal and meaningful touch, we can incorporate your family crest or company logo into your design.

Your grid is perfectly suited to you on every level.

Let us put our knowledge and expertise to work crafting your custom crystal grid.  Nothing is out of bounds.  No limitations to your desired finish.

After your exclusive consultation with our gifted crystal experts, work on your individual grid begins.  The design is curated with all your specifics in mind.

Once perfected, the composition of your crystal grid is shared with the utmost discretion with our trusted partners, for the purpose of final design and installation. They have collaborated with some of the most prestigious brands in the world; Cartier, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Prada and Tiffany & Co.

They can be trusted to add the bespoke quality finish to your grid that you would expect from a world-class company.  One of their specialists will visit your chosen space to install your finished grid.  If you choose, installation through your own personal designer can be arranged.

The final yet most significant step of your installation, the activation process, takes place.  Performed in person or remotely, dependent on your request; your unique crystal grid is brought to life with a sacred activation ceremony.  The synergistic energies of your exclusive crystal grid are stimulated.  The ancient connections and power are attuned to you.

Poised for transformation.

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