A very warm welcome to Crystal & Rox

We are delighted to welcome you to Crystal & Rox, a unique wellbeing service which harnesses the power of crystals to bring increased contentment and joy into your life. Grounded in the ancient art of Sacred Geometry, our crystal grids can be finely attuned to your specific needs, creating the ultimate in bespoke wellbeing.

Favoured by interior designers and high-end architects, our luxurious grids feature a variety of specially selected crystals embedded in exquisite Italian marble. One of our beautiful grids becomes a stylish enhancement to your home as well as a acting as a practical tool to bring increased harmony and positive energy into your life.

A personal journey

The story of Crystal & Rox begins with a crisis moment in the life of our founder, Dr Bunmi Aboaba. A successful dental surgeon and entrepreneur, Bunmi found herself in the grip of a debilitating alcohol addiction which left her with no choice but to take action.

“As a busy professional and a mum of two, I found it incredibly hard to ask for help because it felt like admitting failure,” says Bunmi. “But in 2008 I was going through a difficult divorce and things were spiralling out of control. I knew I needed to sort my life out. A friend suggested I go and see a shaman, and although the idea initially seemed crazy to me – I am a scientist by profession after all! – once I was in her presence I felt very calm and protected. I could feel the energy from the crystals she was using and I felt something shift. After two or three sessions I felt more grounded and was starting to find moments of joy in life again. That’s when my fascination with crystal therapy began.”

Bunmi credits the power of crystals for turning her life around and helping her to conquer alcoholism. She trained as a Crystal Healer and Reiki Master and began helping others battle their demons and enrich their lives through crystal therapy. After 11 years living a sober and spiritually fulfilling life, Bunmi has developed a unique wellbeing concept in which a geometric pattern of life-enhancing crystals is installed in exquisite swathes of Italian marble. And thus Crystal & Rox was born – bringing health, wealth, and happiness into Bunmi’s high profile clients’ lives.

So what is Crystal & Rox?

Our unique crystal grids can help rebalance your mind, body and spirit via the natural wellbeing energy of crystals. Embedded in the finest Italian marble in the walls or floor of our high profile clients’ homes, private jets or yachts, each of our grids features a unique combination of crystals chosen to manifest specific needs and desires.

If you have health, wealth or happiness in mind, for example, the choice of crystals and the geometric design itself can be tailored accordingly. We may select golden Citrine for increased contentment and prosperity, or purple Amethyst for heightened strength and tranquillity.

In essence, a Crystal & Rox grid harnesses the ancient power of crystals to enhance your home and enrich your life. It is the ultimate in discreet, harmonious, life-affirming luxury.

The greatest honour

Our founder and CEO Dr Bunmi Aboaba was honoured to receive news this month that she has been awarded a Fellowship of the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce). The RSA celebrates the work of exceptional individuals as they strive to enrich society via fresh ideas and innovative action. Bunmi’s pioneering work in the field of crystal grids has been recognised because of its ability to dramatically improve health and wellbeing.

“I’m absolutely delighted to have received this honour from the RSA,” says Bunmi. “To have a platform to raise awareness of the wellbeing benefits of crystal grids in the architectural and design landscape is amazing. I feel so proud to be a Fellow of the RSA and to be part of this incredible global community of advocates for change.” Previous fellows of the RSA have included Stephen Hawking, Charles Dickens and Marie Curie. Safe to say, we feel that Bunmi is in very good company!

Yours, with love and harmony

Dr Bunmi Aboaba, FRSA, & Penny King
Crystal Consultants and Founders of Crystal & Rox

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