Change with the Seasons: Transformative Autumn Crystals

Autumn is finally here and it’s time for hot beverages, knitwear and snuggling up with a good book by the fire.

But it’s also a time where we can feel emotionally and physically drained.

After being so active in the summer, we’re more likely to feel a little worn out. Pair that with the changing of the atmosphere, weather and climate – and it’s easy to feel ready for hibernation!

Autumn crystals can help turn that quieter, more introspective energy into a transformative time – so you can change with the changing of the seasons, if you will!

Taking the season change in your stride and enjoying the fruitful nature of Autumn can help you develop a clearer thought process and pave the way for expansion. And what better way to help you achieve that than through some inspiring crystal therapy.

Here’s just a few suggested crystals for this Autumn…

How to Use the Crystals

Before I go into more detail about which crystals are best for autumn, here’s a few ways you can use them!

  • Place them in bowls around the home or office
  • Use them as decorative statements on sideboards, shelves, on the wall – anywhere you can think of!
  • Hold them while meditating, relaxing or praying
  • Wear them as jewellery pieces
  • Carry them in your pocket or handbag (tumbled stones are usually the perfect size for this!)

Red Crystals


Rhodonite is the crystal that represents the Heart Chakra. It’s beautiful rose shade inspires emotional healing and can be very helpful when you want to focus on your inner self (something I’m sure we all do during the Autumn and Winter months!). It’s the key crystal for reinvigoration and self-nurturing – the ultimate self-love crystal!

Red Garnet

Garnet, especially red garnet, possesses strong protective energies, along with healing powers of its very own. If you want to get in touch with your creative side, then red garnet is your best friend. It helps align all spiritual forces in the body and helps you ground them to harness your creative talents. Red garnet is also known to symbolise intense feelings – perfect for when you’re feeling thoughtful!

Orange Crystals

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is revered as the ‘all-seeing eye” and represents sharp vision and improved logic. It’s a wonderful wisdom crystal and supports life changes. Tiger’s Eye will help you to better understand the cause and effect of any situation – it’s a crystal of clarity, both intellectually and emotionally. Again, this crystal inspires creativity – perfect for the colder months.


Much like the Tiger’s Eye, Carnelian is also a crystal that’s ideal for inspiring clarification. This crystal can also help motivate you towards actioning your goals. It’s pretty much the crystal that puts the wheels into motion for all your plans! Carnelian can encourage vitality into your life, as well as higher sexual energy.

Purple Crystals

Lapis Lazuli

This crystal is excellent for honing wisdom and judgement, making it the perfect stone for decision-making and clear-thinking. Wearing this stone can also help bring harmony in friendships because it encourages honesty and transparency.


A dazzlingly beautiful violet crystal, sugilite is the crystal for those of you who are highly sensitive to the energies around you. It essentially acts as a barrier towards other’s negative energies and disharmonies. Sugilite brings peace and harmony to your emotional side and can also be used to relieve headaches!

Brown Crystals

Brown Agate

If you’re looking for more stability and composure in your life then agate could really help you out. This grounding crystal will also boost your self-confidence, so it’s great for the shorter days where moods can be low.

Petrified Wood

Much like the level-headed agate, petrified wood is extremely abundant in natural Earth energy. With this crystal you’ll have the ability to transform into a stronger, more confident version of yourself. It can also be used as part of a Feng Shui project, as it can introduce vitality to any space.

If you’d like to know more about Autumn crystal healing please get in touch.

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