We all know that wellbeing is THE big buzz word in the health and beauty industry right now. Almost every product or service you come across aims to improve health, happiness and contentment, with mental health in particular being the primary emphasis. And as we face the increasing challenges of our digital world, it makes absolute sense to focus on becoming the best version of ourselves we can possibly be.

But did you know that wellness is also a hot topic in the design and architecture industries? So crucial is this move towards optimum health, designers are now placing it firmly at the heart of their creative decisions.

How wellness entered the world of design

You may not immediately equate the concept of wellness with design, but when you consider the fact that our surroundings are known to have a direct effect on how we feel and how we behave, suddenly the connection starts to make sense.

The architects of high end developments in cities such as New York and London are now putting their residents’ wellbeing needs right at the heart of their designs. With more and more people working from home, it’s becoming increasingly common for spa facilities to become central to the design of ultra-luxury apartment buildings. That way, time-poor residents can have all their wellbeing needs met on site, with no need to add the stress of travelling to their already demanding, busy lives.

In terms of interior design, we’re seeing a move towards the creation of calming, immersive spaces which provide a cocoon-like sense of comfort. An antidote to the often overwhelming nature of digital immersion, this trend features gentle, aquatic colours and soft fabrics that gently flow into one another. A soothing notion of harmony and contentment.

The hottest trends in wellness right now

So what’s happening in terms of the way the wellness trend is impacting on the design industry? Well, the big change we’ve witnessed recently is a move towards ‘wellness architecture’. This concept is all about designing beautiful spaces which address both the physical and mental wellness needs of their occupants. Everything from lighting to materials to colour palettes are all chosen with wellness in mind. The aim is to create the perfect environment for optimum wellbeing.

Another key trend is Biophilic Design, the practice of bringing the natural world to bear on design and architecture. This approach is known to increase our feelings of wellbeing and to improve our sense of connection with nature. Think living walls and natural textures such as wood and leather. Bringing the outside in to create more grounded, restorative spaces.

So how can a Crystal & Rox grid help bring wellness into your interior?

At Crystal & Rox, it’s clear from the number of enquiries we receive that wellness is very much at the forefront of our clients’ minds. Our bespoke crystal grids offer the ultimate wellness service by specifically addressing your concerns via the powerful harmonising properties of crystals. Whether you need help with health, family or work issues, our geometric grids can soothe your fears and help you become your very best self.

A thing of great beauty, our grids are embedded in the finest Italian marble in the walls or floor of our high profile clients’ homes, private jets or yachts. Each of our grids features a unique combination of crystals chosen to manifest your specific needs and desires. We may select golden Citrine, for example, for increased contentment and prosperity, or purple Amethyst for heightened strength and tranquillity.

It’s all about bringing calm and stability into our clients’ lives in a changing world which can feel increasingly challenging and overwhelming.

If you’d like find out more about Crystal & Rox and how we might be able to help you, please head over to our website crystalandrox.com or email us at [email protected].

Yours, with love and harmony

Dr Bunmi Aboaba, FRSA, & Penny King
Crystal Consultants and Founders of Crystal & Rox

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