There has been an insidious increase in stress over the years in today’s hectic and fast paced society. At one point or another we have all experienced it and for some it’s chronic daily stress.

Deadlines to meet, competition, the need to be perfect and out of control work- life balance have become the norm in daily life, resulting in a knock-on effect on stress and anxiety levels.

Stress affects all ages and social groups. Some people can just ride the wave and deal with their stressors with ease, even thrive off it, whereas others can be deeply affected by it.

Signs of stress such as inability to sleep, irritability, loss of self-esteem, increased isolation, burnout, agitation, relationship problems are common. If symptoms are left unchecked, they can become chronic, leading to severe problems such as clinical depression, insomnia, heart disease and cancer.

There is not one solution that fits all, as we all react differently to stress. Here are seven simple ways to manage stress.

Recognize the types of events that cause you the most stress. Ask yourself if these events can be avoided altogether or if not, what you can do to pre-empt the feelings of stress.

For example, if I know I am going into a particularly difficult situation, I meditate for a few minutes and visualise a successful outcome. Holding Amethyst helps to alleviate anxiety by invoking calm and peaceful acceptance, in the here and now.

There is nothing better than talking it out with a friend or a trusted colleague. Keeping things to yourself can sometimes increase levels of anxiety worse and problems feel worse than they are.

Also don’t hesitate to consult a professional if you feel the need.

“Citrine is the stone of joy and confidence, bringing clarity to your communications”

Be gentle on yourself. How many times have you crucified yourself for “shortfalls”, for not being perfect?

Well, the good news is you don’t have to be prefect, you are fabulous just the way you are.

Rose quartz is my go-to stone for unconditional love of oneself and others such situations.

Engage in an exercise you love. Exercise plays a vital role in managing stress. Regular exercise increases those yummy endorphins, stamina and aids a good night’s sleep.

I love Yoga and boxercise which helps me to be consistent with my training. Having an exercise buddy helps keep you motivated too.

“Carnelian is a fantastic energy booster and highly recommend it if you are feeling fatigued”

Have a lovely hot soak in the bath with Himalayan bath salts then snuggle up in bed. I love Selenite to help me to sleep, it’s a powerful, protective stone, removes energy blocks and aids mental clarity, so you wake up feeling refreshed mentally, spiritually and physically. Place it under your pillow before you go to bed.

Don’t forget to have fun and laughter. Look no further than crazy lace agate.
This stone is amazing for helping you see the funny side of things.

So here are a few tips with crystals in the mix.

I Hope you found it useful.

In Peace & Harmony

Dr Bunmi Aboaba FRSA and Penny King

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