Visualize Your High Vibe Reality

“If you can imagine it, you can create it. If you can dream it, you can become it.”

– William A Ward

So, you have written your script, doesn’t that feel so good? Now its time to start tickling your taste buds with visualization. I use creative visualization as part of enhancing what I desire in my writings. It’s way easier to visualize my dream scenarios after I have written them.

Whether you are aware of it or not you are constantly creating through the energies of the universe. It’s wonderful to try something new and positive and this is definitely one of them.

The most important thing is to set the tone and pick your goals. It could be the beautiful relationship you have after your split, or the happier state of mind? Even a yummy increase in abundance.

Start off with the ones you feel will be easier to achieve as the more difficult the challenge the more chance of you picking up some form of block or resistance within yourself. With more practice you can build up to more difficult ones.

I visualized owning and running a retreat as a goal. I visualized how it would look on the outside, the layout of it and the inside. I always imagined a central cobble stone area and small cottages around it. With large Persian rugs, big silk red cushions on the floors, large sculpted vases, a fountain in the atrium and beautiful wooden floors.

A few years later and not a coincidence, a group of buildings are being converted on an island surrounded by acres of farm land and guess what? They are small cottages with a central cobblestone area. I met a lovely man who listened to me talking about my wish to have a retreat. Little did I know that he had just secured a deal to take over a group of cottages and wanted to use them for some purpose. He then asked me if I wanted to do it. I said yes and now he is building a retreat space – how’s that for a bit of creative visualization?

I set out putting together vision boards. Go out and buy yourself some cork boards, one for each area of life. These are the handiest way of getting to see and feel the excitement of your goals, desires and wishes on a daily basis. Some people can easily visualize without doing this. Most people find it difficult. After a while looking at your boards you will internalize the experience, where the feeling and the passion around it will power up manifestation.

With the retreat I bought lots of magazines on travel. For my perfect house (which was quite specific), I bought magazines geared to that particular type of architecture. I went to estate agents and looked for the pamphlets of houses I drooled over. For my dream business I wanted to create, I set about buying magazines featuring powerful business women, cool office spaces and a passionate team of employees. For my children and what I wanted to help the boys with I took their photographs and other cuttings of things they loved doing such as playing Rugby, going camping, listening to music etc.

A nice touch is to find things you like and photograph them. Yes, I know that we keep all of our photos on our phones – print a few of them! This is added extra intention for manifesting. Buy all the magazines and newspapers, brochures and pamphlets you need. I also wrote down quotes and a few words such as Peace, Harmony, Joy, Abundance and even wrote down amounts of money I wished to have for various reasons and dotted them around the pictures. You can also print off pictures from the internet.

Have lots of fun doing this, don’t forget the energy of joy is a good vibration to power any intention up and align you with the right emotional state to attract whatever you wish.

I would paste a happy picture of myself in the center and then work around it, pasting the pictures. If it were for the boys, I put their picture in the center and then radiate out. Do whatever you feel is right, there is no set rule.

Place your boards where you can see them every day. Give yourself at least 5 minutes each day to look at your boards and find the most powerful state of mind you can have – GRATITUDE !!

Like the writings, imagine you have acquired everything on your board. Close your eyes and visualize clearly the happy grateful person you wish to be. Even when you are out and about you can close your eyes and envision your board and the pictures on it which give you joy.

Remember to be grateful for the day ahead, find happiness in everyday events and have faith that your dreams will come true.

Crystals for Manifesting

Lapis Lazuli

Use stones for the third eye or sixth chakra for stimulating imagination and visualization. I love Lapis Lazuli for this purpose as it makes your creativity free flowing without restriction. When you have a few minutes to yourself, place a small piece of Lapis Lazuli on your third eye (between the eyebrows or sixth chakra). Breathe gently and deeply and let your mind wonder, calm relaxing music is a must.

Lapis Lazuli


Sometimes when we set about manifesting we may believe we don’t deserve it or feel we can’t do it. Citrine is a beauty as it helps to clear old belief patterns and draws negativity and non-beneficial behavior away.  Place a small piece of Citrine between you naval and the breast bone. This area is called the Solar plexus (the third chakra) and is the source of personal power and self-esteem. It’s the stone of abundance. When I talk about abundance it’s not just about financial abundance but abundance of time, health, friendships and ultimately Love and that’s what we all want in some form or another right? 🙂


Golden Imperial Topaz

Golden Imperial Topaz is another stone that heals dysfunctional beliefs around manifesting abundance but more in a spiritual rather than a physical abundance. To be spiritually rich is the essence of physical abundance. Can’t miss that one out, that’s what we are working on all the way through the book. Place Golden Imperial Topaz on your solar plexus for as long as you feel necessary.

Golden Imperial Topaz

As advised before please cleanse your crystals before use, charge them in the sunlight or the moonlight and then program them to work with you. For example: “I program Citrine to help me confidently manifest an abundance of joy”.

Use this affirmation: “I have the power to create my reality.”

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