The Crystal & Rox Concept

Crystal & Rox is a new concept of yoga wear that use crystals to help enhance your yoga practice.

Crystal concept yoga wear. Empowerment and wellness combined.

Our unique Goddess Collection is special. It provides natural bamboo based activewear that incorporates a specially designed pocket for your tumble stones or crystals to be kept safe and close to the heart chakra.

Our Goddess clients find our activewear both comfortable and particularly effective while practising breathwork. Striving for the ultimate synergy of two empowering practices, both crystal healing and yoga, our Goddesses find a range of benefits depending on their need. Clients are keen to open up their heart chakra to invite unconditional love and healing in their lives, boost energy levels, reduce stress or deal with depression or mental health conditions.

In our busy lives, it is important to practice self-care. That means ensuring that we focus during our yoga practice on what we truly need. That might be using crystals to enhance fertility, work through grief or loss, ensure a healthy pregnancy, heal ourselves from fatigue or burnout, and to generally assist us with meditation or mindfulness.  Whatever your personal needs are, our comfortable clothing will enhance your practice. Your intentions will manifest in a way you have always dreamed of.

Whether you are practising Vinyasa yoga, Recovery yoga, Pregnancy Yoga or Pilates, our natural and organic clothing with its welcoming nest for your special crystal can offer you a chance to invite positive energy, abundance, wellness, prosperity and love into your life. Our ultimate passion is to help you combine your crystals harmoniously with yoga wear which will help with grounding, setting intentions for practice, and ensuring that your chakras are balanced and open for healing.

Why Bamboo?

Our clothes are manufactured from 93% bamboo textile. Here’s why we chose to use bamboo in our brand:


Working out in breathable material notably helps our workout performance. There’s nothing worse than feeling sweaty and uncomfortable whilst exercising.

Incredibly Soft

The fabric composite we use is super soft. Bamboo is the cashmere of cotton – giving it a luxurious feel.


Bamboo fabric is hypoallergenic, so perfect for allergy prone skin. The soft natural fibres sit comfortably on the skin.


Germs and bacteria don’t live well on this fabric, meaning it doesn’t get smelly- even after days- making it the perfect backpack piece.

UV protection

Bamboo shields you from the sun by cutting down 97.5% of harmful rays.

Bamboo is a sustainable natural resource

Unlike many artificial synthetic fabrics, bamboo grows naturally and quickly – it is actually the fastest growing plant in the world, making it sustainable. It can grow up to 3ft in one day – or in metric, that’s 4cm an hour!