Transform your personal space and your inner world with our bespoke crystal grids.

At Crystal & Rox we’ve combined the beauty and energy of crystals with sacred design to transform the look and feel of your surroundings. Our innovative installations partner stunning art with spiritual properties to enhance your life.

Expect vibrant energy, optimum health and long-lasting success.

The ultimate in luxury interior design and wellbeing, we endeavour to give you an exceptional service with the combination of ancient practice and original design.

The energy from the gravitational force of crystals has been used to transform lives for centuries. The art of crystal placement and connection is rooted in thousands of years of tradition, custom and wisdom. We bring this sacred knowledge and practice back to life for today’s interiors.

Our crystal grids will amplify every intention you have.

Connecting the powerful, dynamic nature of crystals is a distinguished artform. Collaborating their synerginistic energies with your individual purpose is a rare skill.

We do both.


‘I triumphed on the football field thanks to the grid.’

When professional footballer, Adebayo Akinfenwa, came to Crystal & Rox, his team AFC Wimbledon, was facing a make or break play-off final. Crystal & Rox’s expert crystal healer, Dr. Bunmi Aboaba, arranged a bespoke crystal grid for Adebayo to manifest the energy, strength, and resilience he and his team needed to triumph.

“I was on the bench for most of the match, but when I came on to the pitch, one of our players scored in the 79th minute. Then I scored the final goal in injury time, which won the match. I couldn’t have scripted it better! There was definitely a higher power at play. Before this, I had lost three previous play-offs, so it was an incredible result. The grid from Crystal & Rox enabled me to go into the match with a clean slate. There’s no doubt in my mind that the grid contributed to our success that day.”

– Adebayo Akinfenwa, Professional Football Player

‘The grid gave my business the boost it needed.’

Lead Generation Expert, Vanessa Moss, was a little sceptical about the power of crystals when she first came to Crystal & Rox. But at a time when her marketing business needed to expand, she became intrigued about what they could help her achieve.

“I wanted to uplevel my business in a big way, to get that extra boost. So I approached Dr. Bunmi Aboaba to see what could be done with grid work. She set me up a bespoke grid in my bedroom to manifest wealth and success. Within just one week of the grid being installed, I had an extra $23,000 of new business. I was overjoyed with the result, and have no hesitation in recommending Crystal & Rox to anyone who may want to affect change in their life.”

– Vanessa Moss, Lead Generation Expert

‘My home now feels cleansed and protected’

We have partnered with the World’s finest ‘Italian Marble Inlay Specialists’ to provide you with elite craftsmanship to inset your custom crystal grid.

‘Over the years,their mission has been to develop giving value to human resources, considering customers not only as such but also partners in a growth process. Through acts of evolution and development, this world class company has created incredible scenographic creations, and created with new spectacular ideas.’

‘Beauty is the guide of all our business.’

‘Dynamism, innovation and research are in our DNA.’

– Budri

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