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Do you… procrastinate; self-sabotage; struggle; give up; give in; waste time; lack support and encouragement; feel overwhelmed; have no time; feel exhausted; have ideas and hopes and dreams hidden somewhere deep inside yourself…?

Join us on our next Retreat on the tiny, enchanting island of Sark, easily accessible from the UK. There are no cars on the island of Sark and it has been awarded the status of the world’s first ‘Dark Sky Island’. Sark has the power to seduce, surprise and delight you.

Imagine a place where you can relax; rewind; recharge; renew; rediscover your best self; manage your negative thoughts and beliefs; plan your future; learn simple but powerful tools that you can easily apply every day to help you find your smile and get excited by life again!

We are Bunmi and Joan, two professional ladies from the north of England where common sense prevails and fun and laughter are never far away.

We have both survived the roller-coaster of life with its many ups and downs. We are experienced in healing, coaching and come with a plethora of life skills. We believe in the power of kindness, honesty and positivity. Our day begins with a smile, a gentle stretch and gratitude for where we are now in this magical life.

Using short, simple, effective tools and techniques, our Retreat guests are empowered to find the peace and contentment that comes with living the life they love.

Ladies, you can leave the mascara and hair straighteners at home! Bring loose, comfortable clothing and sensible footwear. Be comfortable; chill out; let us nourish and nurture you… And give you a bit of a shove if you need it…!

Our six-day Retreat takes place in a cluster of luxury cottages and we host a maximum of eight guests.

Our days start with a walk in the fresh air and some gentle stretching. All meals are taken together and our Retreat food is simple, healthy fare, locally sourced as much as possible.

Throughout the week we offer group workshops; healing and coaching sessions; various events; outdoor and indoor activities and quiet time for reflection.

We want you to return home refreshed and renewed and ready to tackle whatever comes your way with a dance in your step and a smile in your heart!