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When you're on a diet and wants to stay motivated, you can stick to healthy foods and reduce craving for the wrong foods with the help of crystals.

Treat yourself to our slimming set that will raise your mood while going through this period and love your body at the same time. It’s worth it!

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AMETHYST (Purple): Helps you cut out the addictive cravings and reduces bloating.
BLUE APATITE (Blue-Green with thin white lines): Suppresses Hunger and promotes motivation.
BLUE LACE AGATE (Pale blue with white or dark bands): Helps you say NO to food when you are not hungry.
CARNELIAN (Orange banded): Gives you an energy boost between meals.
CITRINE (Yellow, transparent): Keeps your digestive system functioning properly which can be a problem when you first start your weight loss regime.
CLEAR QUARTZ (Clear, transparent): Helps you make the correct food choices and avoid the wrong foods.
ROSE QUARTZ (Pink, translucent): Helps you to love your body during this period.
SUNSTONE (Yellow-Orange-Pink speckled): Helps raise your mood and promotes good health.
IOLITE (Violet/Blue-Grey translucent): Great for releasing fatty deposits in the body and detoxing the liver.


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