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All of us have stress and worry at one time or another. When at this point in life, you will find each and every gem in this set of healing crystals to be very beneficial.

These crystals can help you stay calm even when chaos is all around you.

It kept me focused when all I wanted to do was run and increased my confidence when it had temporarily left me :-

Give it a whirl and see what we mean.

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LEPIDOLITE (Pinky purple): Reduces panic attacks.
AMETHYST ( Purple): Stress Relief, tension headaches and migraines
AVENTURINE ( Green, Opaque): Promotes calm
BLUE LACE AGATE ( Pale blue with white or dark bands): Calms anger
LABRADORITE (Grey, Blue, Black) : Lowers blood pressure and relieves stress and anxiety
RHODONITE( Pink, Black flecks, mottled) : Promotes relaxation
ROSE QUARTZ ( Pink, translucent) : Relieves stress
SMOKEY QUARTZ ( Brown, translucent): Relieves stress and anxiety
TOURMALINE QUARTZ ( Clear with black threads in crystal): Reduces anxiety and helps with confidence.
CLEAR QUARTZ (clear, transparent): Helps you to focus .
BLACK TOURMALINE (Black) : Helps with anxiety by protecting you and thus making you feel safe.
YELLOW JASPER (Yellow, opaque) : Helps reduce nervous tension in the solar plexus.( tummy area )


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