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Linda Morrison

Linda Morrison has been a Trainer and Health Educator for 25 years. She has a degree in women’s studies and human movement and has kept up to date and registered with all areas of fitness from pre and post natal education, kettlebell training to group exercise.

Linda Morrison is the author of the #1 International best seller ‘Live Love Exercise. The Ultimate Weightloss Guide For Women over 40′, she feels everyone deserves to feel strong, healthy and full of vitality.

“I love helping people achieve great self esteem. I have the knack of helping people – whether they are women, men or busy families – find focus, feel great about themselves and move forward in their lives.”

“A common problem I see is people feeling like they have no time to look after themselves. I’ll show you how easy it is to schedule in GREAT exercise and manage your time.

I have worked with many people, from high-powered professionals through to stay at home mums. They all realise they have ‘a lot’ on and therefore need and want to get the most out of themselves. I have successfully helped many clients understand how to:

lose body fat and stay lean
improve their fitness
increase energy for their day and
be ultra productive.
Clients say that I help to solve their fundamental health, fitness and lifestyle dilemmas with effective and efficient solutions… and, I make sure you always dial in the fun!

When I am not inspiring others or working out, you can find me with my beautiful children. My favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon is watching my son playing sport and my daughter dancing.”

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Her book – Live Love Exercise – the ultimate guide to weight loss for Women