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Cordelia Simpson

Cordelia Simpson

I was first introduced to yoga in my early twenties. I fell in love with it instantly and with my gymnastic and dance background I found it came naturally to me. Most of all, I enjoyed the combination of breathing and movement.

I then went on to have 3 children in close succession and practicing yoga helped me in pregnancy and birth, not to mention keeping a clear mind when I had 3 children under three screaming all at once! During my fourth pregnancy I found Body Balance, a Les Mills programme combining Pilates, Tai Chi and Yoga. By my second trimester I was taking the course to instruct, resulting in my easiest birth yet and fastest post baby weight loss. I am now 33 and my youngest is 6 and a half, I’ve been teaching body balance ever since.

I teach 3 times a week, in between commercial modelling, which is where I was introduced to Crystal Rox, my new love! The beautiful feel of the clothes against my skin as I move through my poses, not clinging and NEVER riding up (my pet hate)! I love the concept of keeping a crystal close to me in the neat delicate little pocket created by Crystal & Rox tops.

I’m excited to continue my journey with yoga, with the added enhancement of Crystal & Rox now in my life.

Cordelia x

Cordelia Simpson on Instagram – busymumsos