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Living Crystal

We are living crystal. A matrix of atoms with structure and symmetry, vibrating together. Our bones and organs have a crystalline nature. Our cells keep their structure using liquid crystals. When we are ill, our symmetry is damaged, our structure becomes corrupted. Crystals can transfer information to heal this. They provide the conduit to communicate the most important healing force in the universe. That force is love.

Our connection from the chakras to a higher frequency body of light enables us to assimilate energy and information from the highest levels of being. At the soul level, this undergoes progressive transformation and translation until it becomes manifest at the molecular and cellular level on the physical plane. The beauty of this unseen realm is granted to only a few gifted individuals.

Science and Crystals

Advanced technology is all about making the invisible visible. It is only in the last 100 years that we have discovered the stuff that makes up matter – the atoms and elections and quarks; the stuff that makes up the universe – the galaxies and black holes and quasars. Crystals play a huge role in these discoveries, helping to broaden our view of the Universe in all its’ frequencies.

Early radio receivers were powered by the crystals galena and pyrite, connecting the world powered only by the radio waves received by its’ antenna. The first laser was developed in the 1960s and used a Ruby Crystal. Frequency specific energies can be used for vibrational healing, and laserpuncture can be applied to those who have a fear of needles.

Liquid crystals have the structure of crystal but can flow like a liquid. They can be manipulated mechanically, by heat, by electricity. They are abundant in living systems and technological applications. They make up the walls of our cell membranes, the screens that we watch.

Silicon technology has the power to manipulate and transform knowledge within integrated circuitry. Crystals power communication, information storage, solar power, and laser applications in surgery. Modern science has slowly discovered the benefits and the huge potential of the mineral kingdom for humankind in many ways.

Liquid Crystal Schlieren Texture
Liquid Crystal Schlieren Texture


Quartz is one of the most stable of crystalline structures and has the greatest potential in the manipulation of subtle energies. Quartz has a low state of entropy because of its’ ordered structure. It will respond in unique ways to energies such as heat, pressure, light, sound, x-rays, and even the energy of consciousness. This results in specific vibratory frequencies of energy emission.

Certain aspects of the human energy system have the same transformational properties as natural quartz crystals. When healing the body with quartz there is a resonance between the natural quartz crystals and the cellular crystal systems of the body. Special energy circuits are set up by the bio-crystalline system which is closely involved with the input of higher vibrational energies into the body.

Marcel Vogel, a senior scientist at IBM, was particularly interested in the use of quartz crystals for energetic healing of human illness. Here is a quote from Vogel that sealed it for me as a crystal healer:

“Although the crystal may be used for “mind to mind” communication, it’s higher purpose is in the service of humanity for the removal of pain and suffering. With proper training a healer can release negative thought forms which have taken shape as disease patterns in the energy body, allowing the physical body to return to a state of wholeness”

Vogel cut Crystal
Vogel cut Crystal

Energy Therapy

This is ultimately what energy therapy is all about – returning the body to its original energetic healthy blue print. Illness at the physical level is preceded by changes which have already occurred in the subtle energetic bodies. When healing is focused through the crystal, the crystal has an innate ability to direct the energies to the area of the body most in need.

Quartz crystals are also useful for unblocking and re-balancing chakras – the energy hotspots of the body where energy transference take place, and our connection to the outside world.

Solid and crystalline structures at the physical level are involved in bringing into harmony subtle energies within the nervous system and the flow of life force through the body.

Fascinating quote from Ryerson’s channelled material.

“The life-force works more through the blood and consciousness works more through the brain and nervous system. These two contain quartz-like properties and an electromagnetic current. Life-force and consciousness use these properties to enter and stimulate the physical body.”

Different crystals, their structure and their colors, affect our subtle energies in different ways. We have only briefly touched on Quartz here, there is so much more I would love to talk about!

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Love and Crystal Light

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