Crystals for Christmas

Christmas for me has to involve crystals. Their energies really lend to the occasion and are uplifting and wonderful to have around. They can really intensify the energies of the festive spirit with their beauty and sparkle. Crystals make wonderful presents for Christmas. I often buy Crystals for friends and wrap them in elegant crystal gift boxes. What I find quite surprising is that my friends often say how the healing properties of the particular crystal are just what they needed at the time.

Crystals make Great Decorations

Not only do they make great gifts but also fabulous decorations such as Calcite or Agate tea light holders. 

Crystal tea light holders

Creates a lovely yuletide evening atmosphere with an enchanting glow. Large Geodes and clusters are also great gifts. They can be placed all around the house for decorative and healing purposes.

Don’t forget the kids, children are forever fascinated with crystals and fossils. Somehow they have that innate ability to connect with them. If your children are inquisitive about rocks and stones, then a fossil gift box is the perfect present and its educational too.

Crystal Christmas Tree Decorations

To add glamour and flamboyance to the Christmas decorations add crystal charms to your tree among the tinsel and the baubles. The glint of the crystal will always catch the eye, they are so captivating.

Stocking Fillers

A great idea for a stocking filler are drilled tumbled stones. For those out there who like to make jewellery and are creative and wanting to make distinctive pieces, this is a must. Crystals can be used to amazing effect at Christmas so go on have a look around for some crystal ideas for the ones you love.
Crystal Stocking Fillers for Christmas
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Love and Crystal Light
Bunmi xx

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