7 Best Crystals for Yoga

Being a lover of all things crystal, I instinctively took a little pile of crystals to my very first yoga class and placed them around my mat. Ever since then, my crystals have worked together side by side in my yoga practice. Here are my seven best crystals for yoga.

Yoga is not just a physical exercise; it is way more than that. Yoga means ‘unity’, connecting the individual consciousness with the very essence of the Universe.

What’s the deal with crystals? They enhance your yoga practice and take your connection with “self” and the Universe to the next level. I can only describe my experiences as deeply cleansing.

Picking your crystals can be totally intuitive so have fun when choosing. I love spending time in my favourite crystal shop, holding the intention of what I need my crystals for and then letting the magic begin.

You might be drawn to gemstones with a particular colour, texture or size. These stones will probably be the ones you need to help balance you on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level and sometimes all four, so trust.

Crystals help to balance and align you chakras. Chakra means ‘wheel’ in Sanskrit, whirling energy spots in the non-physical part of our body, where energy can flow throughout the body freely.

When one or several chakras are out of synch or blocked we feel unbalanced. When our chakras are open and aligned we feel totally well. There are poses and sequences in yoga that tune into and align the seven chakras. Crystals and yoga bring forth a truly vibrant and powerful combination, so give it a whirl.

The Base chakra

Also known as the first chakra or Muladhara, it is located at the base of your spine. This chakra governs your support and survival centre where feelings of nurture and protection are key. When blocked, you can develop low self-esteem and become unsettled and needy.

Balance and heal this chakra by placing Jasper by the side of your mat, combined with the Tree pose, Vrksasana. Both increase feelings of self worth, security, confidence so you can stand your ground once more.

The Sacral chakra is the second chakra, also known as Svadhisthana

Located just below the naval, this centre has the means to store usable energy quickly. It determines your creativity, emotional balance, sexuality, fertility, joy and endurance in life. A warm person has the energy radiating from this area outwards, enhancing attractiveness.

An aligned Sacral chakra brings new friendships, opportunities and ultimately happiness.

To make sure your happy centre is working well place Carnelian by your mat; the Goddess or Deviasana pose will help you to go with the flow of life and enjoy the journey.

Hello Solar Plexus!

Located below the breastbone, the third Chakra is also known as Manipura.

Your “gut feeling” comes from this area. When working well, your instinctive ‘yes’ and ‘no’ response to situations and events sharpens up a treat. This gives you confidence to make good decisions and increases self esteem. In effect you are “firing on all cylinders”.

My favourite stone for Solar is Citrine, the perfect to aid chakra alignment along with the Boat pose (Navasana). Again, place this crystal alongside your mat.

Here comes the heart chakra

The centre of love and compassion, it is also known as the 4th chakra or Anahata. When working well, you are in essence connected to everything and everyone around you. You feel unconditional love, compassion, hope and kindness. A truly beautiful space to be in.

I adore Malachite for balancing and healing the heart chakra .This beautiful stone gets to the “ Heart” of any dysfunction. The yoga pose to go with it is the Camel pose or Utrasana.

Speak your truth with a happily aligned 5th Chakra

A healthy throat chakra or Visuddha is vital for communicating your emotion in healthy ways. Using blue lace agate is a gorgeous stone for this purpose. Along with the supported shoulder stand or Saravangasana, you will be well along the road to conveying yourself in the right way.

Centre of intuition, creativity and inspirational thinking is the brow chakra

It is also known as Anja, third eye or the 6th chakra. When in balance you are open to new ideas and positive thoughts. Lapis Lazuli is my crystal of choice for opening up the third eye and combining it with the Sukhasana pose will help you to enjoy seeing the bigger picture.

Finally the 7th chakra

The Crown chakra or Sahasrara is located at the top of the head the centre of enlightenment and Universal consciousness. A happy Crown chakra helps you to illuminate your uniqueness and individuality in this world. The lovely purple Amethyst stone will work with you to harmonize your 7th Chakra, along with Savasana, the corpse pose.

Before you place the crystals around your mat, cleanse them and set the highest intentions for their purpose. It’s a good idea to place them in chakra sequence.

I hope the next time you attend a yoga class your little pouch of crystals will go with you.

I hope you enjoyed this article, please share if you like it.

If you want to use Crystals in your personal life, I recommend my Crystal Manifesting Guide as a good starting point.
Love and Crystal Light
Bunmi xx
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