Crystals for Christmas

Crystals for Christmas

Christmas for me has to involve crystals. Their energies really lend to the occasion and are uplifting and wonderful to have around. They can really intensify the energies of the festive spirit with their beauty and sparkle. Crystals make wonderful presents for Christmas. I often buy Crystals for friends and wrap them in elegant crystal gift boxes. What I find quite surprising is that my friends often say how the healing properties of the particular crystal are just what they needed at the time.

Crystals make Great Decorations

Not only do they make great gifts but also fabulous decorations such as Calcite or Agate tea light holders. 

Crystal tea light holders

Creates a lovely yuletide evening atmosphere with an enchanting glow. Large Geodes and clusters are also great gifts. They can be placed all around the house for decorative and healing purposes.

Don’t forget the kids, children are forever fascinated with crystals and fossils. Somehow they have that innate ability to connect with them. If your children are inquisitive about rocks and stones, then a fossil gift box is the perfect present and its educational too.

Crystal Christmas Tree Decorations

To add glamour and flamboyance to the Christmas decorations add crystal charms to your tree among the tinsel and the baubles. The glint of the crystal will always catch the eye, they are so captivating.

Stocking Fillers

A great idea for a stocking filler are drilled tumbled stones. For those out there who like to make jewellery and are creative and wanting to make distinctive pieces, this is a must. Crystals can be used to amazing effect at Christmas so go on have a look around for some crystal ideas for the ones you love.
Crystal Stocking Fillers for Christmas
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If you want to use Crystals in your personal life, I recommend my Crystal Manifesting Guide as a good starting point.

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I Sing the Body Crystal

I Sing the Body Crystal

Living Crystal

We are living crystal. A matrix of atoms with structure and symmetry, vibrating together. Our bones and organs have a crystalline nature. Our cells keep their structure using liquid crystals. When we are ill, our symmetry is damaged, our structure becomes corrupted. Crystals can transfer information to heal this. They provide the conduit to communicate the most important healing force in the universe. That force is love.

Our connection from the chakras to a higher frequency body of light enables us to assimilate energy and information from the highest levels of being. At the soul level, this undergoes progressive transformation and translation until it becomes manifest at the molecular and cellular level on the physical plane. The beauty of this unseen realm is granted to only a few gifted individuals.

Science and Crystals

Advanced technology is all about making the invisible visible. It is only in the last 100 years that we have discovered the stuff that makes up matter – the atoms and elections and quarks; the stuff that makes up the universe – the galaxies and black holes and quasars. Crystals play a huge role in these discoveries, helping to broaden our view of the Universe in all its’ frequencies.

Early radio receivers were powered by the crystals galena and pyrite, connecting the world powered only by the radio waves received by its’ antenna. The first laser was developed in the 1960s and used a Ruby Crystal. Frequency specific energies can be used for vibrational healing, and laserpuncture can be applied to those who have a fear of needles.

Liquid crystals have the structure of crystal but can flow like a liquid. They can be manipulated mechanically, by heat, by electricity. They are abundant in living systems and technological applications. They make up the walls of our cell membranes, the screens that we watch.

Silicon technology has the power to manipulate and transform knowledge within integrated circuitry. Crystals power communication, information storage, solar power, and laser applications in surgery. Modern science has slowly discovered the benefits and the huge potential of the mineral kingdom for humankind in many ways.

Liquid Crystal Schlieren Texture

Liquid Crystal Schlieren Texture


Quartz is one of the most stable of crystalline structures and has the greatest potential in the manipulation of subtle energies. Quartz has a low state of entropy because of its’ ordered structure. It will respond in unique ways to energies such as heat, pressure, light, sound, x-rays, and even the energy of consciousness. This results in specific vibratory frequencies of energy emission.

Certain aspects of the human energy system have the same transformational properties as natural quartz crystals. When healing the body with quartz there is a resonance between the natural quartz crystals and the cellular crystal systems of the body. Special energy circuits are set up by the bio-crystalline system which is closely involved with the input of higher vibrational energies into the body.

Marcel Vogel, a senior scientist at IBM, was particularly interested in the use of quartz crystals for energetic healing of human illness. Here is a quote from Vogel that sealed it for me as a crystal healer:

“Although the crystal may be used for “mind to mind” communication, it’s higher purpose is in the service of humanity for the removal of pain and suffering. With proper training a healer can release negative thought forms which have taken shape as disease patterns in the energy body, allowing the physical body to return to a state of wholeness”

Vogel cut Crystal

Vogel cut Crystal

Energy Therapy

This is ultimately what energy therapy is all about – returning the body to its original energetic healthy blue print. Illness at the physical level is preceded by changes which have already occurred in the subtle energetic bodies. When healing is focused through the crystal, the crystal has an innate ability to direct the energies to the area of the body most in need.

Quartz crystals are also useful for unblocking and re-balancing chakras – the energy hotspots of the body where energy transference take place, and our connection to the outside world.

Solid and crystalline structures at the physical level are involved in bringing into harmony subtle energies within the nervous system and the flow of life force through the body.

Fascinating quote from Ryerson’s channelled material.

“The life-force works more through the blood and consciousness works more through the brain and nervous system. These two contain quartz-like properties and an electromagnetic current. Life-force and consciousness use these properties to enter and stimulate the physical body.”

Different crystals, their structure and their colors, affect our subtle energies in different ways. We have only briefly touched on Quartz here, there is so much more I would love to talk about!

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If you want to use Crystals in your personal life, I recommend my Crystal Manifesting Guide as a good starting point.

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Dance or Yoga?

Dance or Yoga?


For me actually, dance has always been this, a moving meditation. When I am dancing I am in my spirit, it has perpetually been the safest and most euphoric space that I have ever inhabited.

My childhood was very troubled indeed. I was incredibly lonely, as an only child. My inner world was the only world that I could relate to or fit in. Although, I never felt alone in that world and yet, I don’t remember actually seeing anyone, I knew this world was shared, spirit energy was my company, my solace and my protector. This was a world in which I grew in spirit, this, is where I learned a different, voiceless communication with the outside world. That was dance as I know it. Soon I realised that I could evoke emotional responses from people when I danced. They did not see me, or so I believed, I thought, they saw the dance. I did not dance, I was danced. I cannot compare anything else to the freedom felt, by me in the flight of dance.

Music was the transporter, the protagonist, the player to my heart. It still is but as I have become more finely tuned, I can hear music in silence, just as I can move in stillness.




After dancing, choreographing and teaching, for more than 30 years, my whole life! I found yoga. The first time I tried a yoga class it was challenging because I felt the ‘form’ lacked creative expression. Then, I found my teacher Sarah Litton. She inspired me, she fuelled my fire and curiosity to find out more. I studied with The British Wheel of Yoga for nearly 4 years. I concentrated on learning the scriptures, books, theory, culturalism, religion, spirituality, anatomy and physiology. I was departing from my dance career (not entirely but mostly). I struggled here, I was scared that I would have to make a choice between dance and yoga, obviously I was now a, let’s say, mature dancer in the physical sense. Although, I must say that having danced my way on many boards of many stages, venues and sites I was more than fulfilled as a dancer. However, I did not want to abandon it because dance was my best and most loyal friend, it never left me, how could I dream of divorcing myself of it. And just right now, as I pen these thoughts and memories, I am emotional. Listening to David Darling 8-Strings, deeply beautifully, emotive, I am full. I smile that kind of smile that rises within you from only a truly genuine source. My feet tingle, I can literally feel the movement, slowly surging up my legs as I sit here, in front of my computer.


Energy moving up into my sacred sacral, booming into my solar plexus, spreading rays of heat that reach all of me.

My heart swelling with every stroke of the cello bow, resonating something, I’m not sure what though.

Could it be our tormenting collective pain? From protagonist to alchemist. Poison into medicine, I journey to move that potential grief. Move life, into joy, what is the other option but, to die.

And then the smile, passes through the discomfort in my throat, awkwardly but determined, pushing by, the smile rises because I am glad to be alive.

Gratitude permeates within. Blessed gift of the spirit dancing.
I rain drops from the corners of my eyes, just enough to cool off the yang of emotion
To bring in, the ying, soft, strong, intuitive women, I am one.

My sigh is full, deep and over whelming. Chest lifts exports a load then to import a smile. I’m carried away, upon my smile, because now know.

What is it that I now know? Well for me, there is no dividing line between what moves the spirit and that which spirit moves. So my dilemma needn’t have kept me awake at night, worrying about impossibilities. Me my spirit and I, including the dance of course we are in union. Yoga is union. Yoga is the spirit awakening, dancing, moving, pulsating, breathing, warming, challenging, full of peace, a birth and death, a life all in one breath, one immeasurable moment. Dance? Exactly the same, just by a different name.

Amanda S Evans


Crystals for Fertility

Crystals and gemstones have many different qualities and healing properties. Crystal healers are spreading the news far and wide communicating their benefits to a wider audience.
Everyone can work with the beautiful mineral kingdom. They can benefit health, mood, and general well-being by promoting positive energy. The crystals can be beneficial for every stage of pregnancy, from fertility through to birth. In this article, we will be looking at how crystals can positively impact fertility.
Crystals oscillate certain vibrational frequencies & these particular ones are the precise frequencies to have around during pregnancy. The ancients used crystals to prepare for fertility and this happily is not been lost in the passage of time.

Crystals & Improving Fertility

Unfortunately, many people suffer from problems when trying to conceive. To bring life into this world is one of the most precious moments anybody can experience, and when there severe challenges in doing so, it is heartbreaking for all involved. Healing crystals are being used more and more across the world in order to support the process of conception and pregnancy, and are said to have benefits for those experiencing fertility issues.

Positive energies can help with improving fertility, and keeping crystals in your physical presence for a period of time can have a hugely beneficial impact on your aura, helping you to boost fertility and ensure a successful conception and pregnancy period.

Rose Quartz Fertility

Types of Crystals to Benefit Fertility

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is one of the most popular healing crystals out there. Its’ general positive energy qualities benefit the wearer by reducing stress about fertility or conception, and evoking the energy of love and calm. You can use it to stimulate fertility and fill the body with loving energy. Sleeping with a chunk of Rose Quartz by the side of your bed is also beneficial.

Green calcite

You can use Green Calcite to clear old energies and cleanse toxins from the body in order to attain and sustain health and well being. You will be preparing your body for a healthy conception.


Moldavite evokes strong positive energy to the person in contact with it. Although recommended for experienced crystal users, it can have supreme benefits to those seeking enhanced fertility or support through pregnancy.


Moonstone is referred to as a “woman’s healing stone”, traditionally used for feminine healing & balancing of the female hormones & cycles. It is said to help for all stages of pregnancy, from preconception through to birth. Although not classically associated with crystal therapy for pregnancy, its qualities are profoundly feminine, and can be hugely beneficial for fertility and pregnancy.


A stone that can protect its wearer from harm and also aids in fertility and childbirth, according to “The Crystal Bible.” It comes in a variety of colors, including green, brown, lavender, orange and red.


Using this pink or red stone can not only stimulate fertility but also can help heal both physical and emotional wounds, according to “The Crystal Bible.”


Missing that spark you need to get into the mood before conceiving? Fluorite will help your libido make a comeback, according to “The Crystal Bible.” The stone comes in blue, green, purple, brown, yellow and clear.


Use Carnelian crystals to open up your second Chakra and to stimulate fertility.
They help to open and align the Sacral chakra and improve the conditions for fertility to occur. Carnelian may benefit both sexes. This red, orange, pink or brown stone is supposed to have a healing influence on female reproductive organs while also combating impotence.


Garnet is a stone of love and passion. It stimulates life force, boosts sexuality and fertility.

Crystals for Fertility

Crystals for Fertility

What to do

Simply rest with the stones on your stomach or over your ovaries for 10-15 minutes a day or you may hold them while meditating. Try to visualize the baby inside you & your healthy pregnancy the whole time. You may also like to keep this little kit in a pocket, bra, in your purse or pillow case while you sleep just to keep the good vibes nearby all the while. You could wear a crystal on a pendant, or keep a special pouch for them.

Try charging some water with Carnelian and/or Rose Quartz. Both you and your husband can drink this water daily. With any of the other stones, you would place the crystals outside of and around the container of water. Due to their chemical content, you do not want to drink them! Their presence next to the container is enough to charge the water.

You can also place a fertility grid in your home, under the bed, on a special table, etc. Choose the stones from the list that you resonate with and place them in a circle. In the middle, place objects, pictures, etc of you and your husband, a baby rattle, whatever you feel expresses your intent the best. Make sure to add a few Clear Quartz Points too, as quartz helps to amplify the energy of the other crystals as well as your intent for the grid.

The key is to RELAX though … not OBSESS in your meditation. If you’re obsessing & worrying that will be totally counter-productive. A guided meditation can help you with this.
Worrying is like praying for what you don’t want.

Crystal and Rox and Fertility

Crystals from our crystal sets can be worn in the tops from the Goddess Collection.

If you want to learn more about using Crystals in your personal life, I recommend my Crystal Manifesting Guide as a good starting point.

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7 Best Crystals for Yoga

7 Best Crystals for Yoga

Being a lover of all things crystal, I instinctively took a little pile of crystals to my very first yoga class and placed them around my mat. Ever since then, my crystals have worked together side by side in my yoga practice. Here are my seven best crystals for yoga.

Yoga is not just a physical exercise; it is way more than that. Yoga means ‘unity’, connecting the individual consciousness with the very essence of the Universe.

What’s the deal with crystals? They enhance your yoga practice and take your connection with “self” and the Universe to the next level. I can only describe my experiences as deeply cleansing.

Picking your crystals can be totally intuitive so have fun when choosing. I love spending time in my favourite crystal shop, holding the intention of what I need my crystals for and then letting the magic begin.

You might be drawn to gemstones with a particular colour, texture or size. These stones will probably be the ones you need to help balance you on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level and sometimes all four, so trust.

Crystals help to balance and align you chakras. Chakra means ‘wheel’ in Sanskrit, whirling energy spots in the non-physical part of our body, where energy can flow throughout the body freely.

When one or several chakras are out of synch or blocked we feel unbalanced. When our chakras are open and aligned we feel totally well. There are poses and sequences in yoga that tune into and align the seven chakras. Crystals and yoga bring forth a truly vibrant and powerful combination, so give it a whirl.

The Base chakra

Also known as the first chakra or Muladhara, it is located at the base of your spine. This chakra governs your support and survival centre where feelings of nurture and protection are key. When blocked, you can develop low self-esteem and become unsettled and needy.

Balance and heal this chakra by placing Jasper by the side of your mat, combined with the Tree pose, Vrksasana. Both increase feelings of self worth, security, confidence so you can stand your ground once more.

The Sacral chakra is the second chakra, also known as Svadhisthana

Located just below the naval, this centre has the means to store usable energy quickly. It determines your creativity, emotional balance, sexuality, fertility, joy and endurance in life. A warm person has the energy radiating from this area outwards, enhancing attractiveness.

An aligned Sacral chakra brings new friendships, opportunities and ultimately happiness.

To make sure your happy centre is working well place Carnelian by your mat; the Goddess or Deviasana pose will help you to go with the flow of life and enjoy the journey.

Hello Solar Plexus!

Located below the breastbone, the third Chakra is also known as Manipura.

Your “gut feeling” comes from this area. When working well, your instinctive ‘yes’ and ‘no’ response to situations and events sharpens up a treat. This gives you confidence to make good decisions and increases self esteem. In effect you are “firing on all cylinders”.

My favourite stone for Solar is Citrine, the perfect to aid chakra alignment along with the Boat pose (Navasana). Again, place this crystal alongside your mat.

Here comes the heart chakra

The centre of love and compassion, it is also known as the 4th chakra or Anahata. When working well, you are in essence connected to everything and everyone around you. You feel unconditional love, compassion, hope and kindness. A truly beautiful space to be in.

I adore Malachite for balancing and healing the heart chakra .This beautiful stone gets to the “ Heart” of any dysfunction. The yoga pose to go with it is the Camel pose or Utrasana.

Speak your truth with a happily aligned 5th Chakra

A healthy throat chakra or Visuddha is vital for communicating your emotion in healthy ways. Using blue lace agate is a gorgeous stone for this purpose. Along with the supported shoulder stand or Saravangasana, you will be well along the road to conveying yourself in the right way.

Centre of intuition, creativity and inspirational thinking is the brow chakra

It is also known as Anja, third eye or the 6th chakra. When in balance you are open to new ideas and positive thoughts. Lapis Lazuli is my crystal of choice for opening up the third eye and combining it with the Sukhasana pose will help you to enjoy seeing the bigger picture.

Finally the 7th chakra

The Crown chakra or Sahasrara is located at the top of the head the centre of enlightenment and Universal consciousness. A happy Crown chakra helps you to illuminate your uniqueness and individuality in this world. The lovely purple Amethyst stone will work with you to harmonize your 7th Chakra, along with Savasana, the corpse pose.

Before you place the crystals around your mat, cleanse them and set the highest intentions for their purpose. It’s a good idea to place them in chakra sequence.

I hope the next time you attend a yoga class your little pouch of crystals will go with you.

I hope you enjoyed this article, please share if you like it.

If you want to use Crystals in your personal life, I recommend my Crystal Manifesting Guide as a good starting point.
Love and Crystal Light
Bunmi xx
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Top FIVE Crystals to reduce EMR

Top tips to reduce EMR

How can we reduce EMR?

We all love our smartphones and laptops, the always on access to the internet. But could there be a problem hiding in plain sight? Today I am talking about how to reduce EMR.

ElectroMagnetic Fields surround us, invisible to the human eye. The Earth has a magnetic field, always pointing north. Electric fields are produced when going from high to low voltage, such as when a lightning bolt strikes the ground.

Over the last 100 years we have surrounded ourselves with new sources – anything which has an electric current flowing produces an EMF. As time goes on, we fill our lives with more electronic gadgets, closer to our bodies. These all radiate energy, so the question is how much do they affect our health and wellbeing?

Humans beings are bio-electrical systems so exposure to artificial EMF’s can interfere with our biological processes. A known effect is heating – this is why our gadgets have a SAR rating, which is the amount of heating deemed safe. The amount of energy involved is proportional to the frequency of the electromagnetic radiation, and to the amount of power being used. Standing next to a high power transmitter can cause burns in the same way a microwave cooks food.

Other effects are not fully understood yet. We also do not know what the long term effects could be, as mobile phones and ubiquitous wifi are recent innovations. There have been many calls for more research, though while we wait we are acting as guinea pigs. Obviously, avoiding electromagnetic fields completely is an impossible task. It may be a good idea to develop strategies to reduce our exposure to EMR.

The Problems

While not a complete list, the reported problems have included:

  • Fatigue
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Decreased attention span
  • Memory loss
  • Insomnia
  • Cardiac palpations
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Anxiety

How to Reduce EMR

Possible strategies include:

  • Reduce the amount of time spent at the computer. Give yourself a ‘budget’ of screen time per week, and don’t go over it!
  • Use your earphones! Don’t hold your phone close to your head. All radiation drops off quickly from it’s source, so moving away can drastically reduce EMR.
  • Turn off your WiFi at night.

As I work with crystals in my day to day life, it is only natural that I am driven to explore which crystals assist in reducing my exposure to EMR and keep my energies as clean and balanced as possible.

The Crystals to help reduce EMR

After my research I have chosen these 5 crystals which I believe will help you combat EMR:

1. Amazonite

Reduce EMR with Amazonite
This crystal has a vibration that can filter incoming energies, clearing away negativity or psychic attacks. Soothing Amazonite blocks electromagnetic smog and also geopathic stress. Keep Amazonite next to your monitor while you are working to cut down on the negative effects. Not surprisingly it’s a ‘feel better stone’ that is good for creativity and good for the heart and nervous system, helping stress and a troubled mind.

2. Hematite

Reduce EMR with Hematite
Detoxifying Hematite is a helpful stone for cutting down on electromagnetic pollution. Highly protective, Hematite guards us against negative energies of all types. Can be placed near a computer, or worn on our person. Hematite is highly grounding, and can pull in high vibrations from other realms down into the Root Chakra, enhancing one’s will and drive. Hematite also brings strength, courage and personal magnetism.

3. Sodalite

Reduce EMR with Sodalite
It is believed that by placing a piece of Sodalite next to your computer, you reduce the amount of electromagnetic pollution coming from the terminal. Sodalite is also great for ideas, perception, creative expression and endurance.

4. Unakite

Reduce EMR with Unakite
Can help to remove electromagnetic pollution via its powerful grounding energies. Unakite carries a unique vibration that is said to reverse the effects of electromagnetic pollution. Good for overcoming self-imposed blocks.

5. Black tourmaline

Reduce EMR with Black Tourmaline
A favorite of mine, I have two pieces of Black Tourmaline sitting either side of my monitor. A very popular stone in metaphysical circles. Black Tourmaline cleanses and repels negative energies, and is especially strong on electromagnetic smog. Black Tourmaline is very grounding as most stones used for this purpose tend to be. Also good for inspiration, connection, awareness and creativity.


You may be surprised – and contrary to popular belief – PLEASE DO NOT USE QUARTZ or any other silicate crystals!


Because Quartz easily resonates with electronics and microwave radiation, silicates are what are used in technology and our devices.

I hope you enjoyed this article, please share if you like it.

If you want to use Crystals in your personal life, I recommend my Crystal Manifesting Guide as a good starting point.

Love and Crystal Light

Bunmi xx

Want to Beat Stress and Anxiety? Combine Yoga with Crystals!

Beat stress with yoga and crystals

How can we beat stress?

Life is full of stress, we are living in an environment where constant stress and depression characterize our days. It has reached a point where our health may be compromised. Luckily all is not lost as there are mechanisms that can help you alleviate the levels of stress as much as possible in our day to day lives. Combining yoga workouts with crystals is more than just healing at the spiritual level, it is one of the best remedies for a stressful life. You will not be treating the symptoms alone, you will be soothing the mind and spirit thus getting down to the root of the problem.

We are living an incredibly fast paced life where people, places and things are moving at warp speed in and out of our consciousness. I have found practicing yoga with calming crystals yields great results.

A yoga session alongside the crystals helps in de-stressing, brings a calming effect and creates a natural synergy which leads to total balance. There are number of crystal stones that can be used to bring the calming effect. Here are my favourites.

The Crystals you need to Beat Stress

Blue lace Agate: It is one of the best calming stones around. It not only relieves stress but also anxiety. The gentle vibrations help to soothe the mind and bring relaxation. The crystal stones can be worn as a pendant but for best results I also slip it under my pillow at night. This ensures that the soothing energies combine with your energy, giving the desired effect.

Lepidolite: This is a very attractive stone. It contains Lithium which is part of a lot of anxioyltic medications. It is known for bringing peace and balance where there is conflict. Working with Lepidolite can help you to achieve harmony. Again you can take this to your yoga class.

Shungite: This stone is thought to have existed for more than two million years. Not only does it work as a detoxifier but it also clears the energy field around the body. It acts as a powerful protector, shielding the user from negative thoughts ultimately transmuting them into positive. Those who suffer from lack of sleep find this particularly useful in relieving their insomnia and ultimately stress levels which can result from poor sleep.

Black Tourmaline: like Shungite is a powerful protector against negativity, it also bring calming effects getting rid of worries and fears. One feels safe and secure, all the stress disappears. They are said to suck your troubles away, getting rid of them one by one, and as a result leaving you stronger and rejuvenated.

To get the best results, hold the stones in each hand as you meditate after your yoga practise. As you sink into the calmness, feel them taking your worries away.

Combine your yoga and your crystals for a great way to optimize your workout and lead a
happy and balanced life. I certainly have felt the benefits and I felt I must share it.

I hope you found this blog useful. If you like it please feel free to share it, especially if you feel a friend needs it.

Sharing Crystal Love & Light

Bunmi x

How Crystals can take Meditation to the Next Level

Meditation improves blood circulation

Meditation has become very important to me. I started at the age of 48, not because it was on trend, but because I had a great need to be able to listen my inner voice. The voice that could not be heard during a very uncomfortable time in my life and desperately wanted to guide me, steer me and look after my whole self.

Today I regularly meditate; anywhere in fact, could be at home, at work, in the park, on the bus. Maybe 10 minutes, may be an hour but it is an integral part of my life and I love it.

The crystal I love to hold when meditating is Amethyst. It has a powerful protective energy and it aids relaxation.

When certain issues arise, and I need peace and understanding around me, I take my time to sense where in my body I am feeling it. Then I locate the nearest chakra and find the crystal that corresponds with that area.

Seven chakras

Seven chakras

You can check where the chakras are in a crystal healing book and the crystals that relate to it.

For example I really felt that I could not move forward with my plans. Frustration and fear seemed to reside in my pelvic area (Root Chakra). I was then drawn to my beautiful raw stone of red jasper and meditated with it every day until that feeling went and I felt more confident and happy.

It is heaps of fun to get to know your stones and for your stones to know you this way. Your crystal is then super attuned to you and will work with you the best way it can.
Do not forget to cleanse, energize and program your crystals. Crystals are highly programmable so take your time to tell them what you want.

Meditation is an ancient method of training the mind to focus and achieve greater inward concentration, alertness, relaxation and vitality. It is not one act but a series of activities all of which are aimed at achieving inner peace and rest. Different techniques require different mental skills and produce different results for the mind. Meditation is a progressive skill that you hone with hours of training and repeated trials over time.

Concentration Meditation

This is the simplest form of meditation to start with. It involves focusing on the breathing with a view of building concentration and focus. Concentration meditation involves focusing on a single issue or point. It could be achieved by staring at a wick, repeating a single mantra, trailing your breath or counting beads on a mala. You will start with limited focus then build your concentration to longer durations. It is the best antidote to a wandering mind.

Mindfulness Meditation

This type of meditation technique encourages you as a practitioner to trail your wandering thoughts as they drift through your mind and soul. The process is meant to enable you to be aware of certain thoughts in your head without actually interacting or judging those ideas. Over time mindful meditation equips you to learn your thought process and how you perceive reality. Mindful meditation takes longer to train and master than concentration meditation.

Other Techniques

Besides the above two, there are lots of meditation techniques out there that will give you inner peace and relaxation. You can focus on one form of meditation or take up several types of meditation and evolve with them. Proper discipline in any of the techniques will give you impressive results including less stress, reduce inner turmoil and a greater capacity to stay in the moment.

Benefits of Meditation

Many benefits accrue from doing it frequently including wonderful relaxation. It enables you to lower your blood pressure, improves blood circulation, be less anxious, feel good, and lower heart rate. It also reduces your respiratory rate, leads to deeper rest and lower blood Cortisol levels which is a hormone produced through stress. The central aim of meditation is to learn to be in the moment, that is all we have, the here and now. I found that I could let go of people, circumstances and things that no longer served me thus detaching.

Meditation can be done anywhere.

Meditation can be done anywhere.

How to Meditate:

For starters, there are several simple steps.
First, you can sit or lie comfortably then close your eyes.
Secondly, do not try to control your breath, but only breathe naturally.
Thirdly focus your attention on your breath and how your body reacts during inhalation and exhalation. When your mind drifts, try to bring it back to your original point of focus.
Do this for two to three minutes at a time.

Trends in Meditation

One of the growing trends in meditation is the use of apps for meditation. Apps like Yogaglo, Sowrkit, Cody and Buddhify are set with the techniques and timing that can help you achieve the best meditation in your own personal way.

I really do recommend giving meditation a whirl. It works wonders for your spiritual, mental and physical health. Try to approach it with fun and curiosity as that is what life is all about.

Love & Crystal Light
Bunmi x


Yoga for Good Posture

With more and more people focusing on desk jobs and having less physical activity, it is no surprise that you will see an increasing number of people who suffer from poor posture. Having a good posture does not only improve how you look, but it can also increase concentration and thinking ability. An expansive posture also improves hormone levels which affects stress levels and improve disease resistance and leadership abilities.

A person can improve his or her posture by improving the quality of daily physical activity. By practicing yoga, you can improve your posture and positively impact your overall health. Here are some excellent yoga poses that you can do to help improve your posture and provide you with a more positive outlook in life.
Mountain Pose, Tadasana, Yoga for Good Posture


Stand tall with your feet on the ground, keeping your chest open with your arms at the sides, palms facing your hips and in natural position. Draw your tailbone in and roll back your shoulders to lower your shoulder blades. Keep your chin back so your ears are aligned above your shoulders.


Best for people with weak upper back, this is an easy pose to do on your yoga mat. Lie flat on your stomach with your thighs and feet together. The surfaces of your feet should be touching the floor. With your arms in front of you in a sphinx position, slowly and carefully pull your upper body up by pushing your arms forward against the floor. Your shoulders should be away from your ears and your pelvis and toes firm on the yoga mat.


Lie flat on your yoga mat with your knees bent and your feet placed hips apart and planted on the mat. Your arms should be at the sides, towards your heels. Lift your lower body up by pressing against the floor with your feet, concentrating the pressure mostly on your toes. Keep your shoulders, neck, and head on the floor as you hold the pose for 5 breaths. Increase the difficulty by drawing your arms underneath your hips and interlacing your fingers together.


Stand up straight and then open your hips as you bend your right knee so that you can plant your right foot against your left inner thigh or shin. Inhale and reach up high with your arms, then exhale as you put your palms together and bring them down towards your chest as if in a prayer, with your elbows extended outwards. Keep the position for 5 breaths, then do the same for the other side.

Yoga has a way of strengthening, straightening, and stretching your back and spine. Ease the pressure or increase the challenge of the poses by using different yoga accessories. Use yoga blocks or yoga belts, depending on how you want to position your body during the poses. By doing yoga 15-20 minutes a day, you’ll notice you will have a better posture. You will have more energy to accomplish your tasks and become a more empowered, successful individual.

9 Steps to Declutter Your Life Using Crystals

Declutter your life for Peace of Mind

I am not a hoarder but I am also not the tidiest of individuals by any stretch of the creative imagination. One thing I have learnt in the course of this year are the numerous advantages of a declutter session for the prosperity and wellbeing of myself and my business.

Before anything else I have understood that the condition of my office is an impression of my emotional state. When I am feeling chaotic my office is disordered. This is the time when I know, love it hate it, that the office will have to be cleared.

My natural mood is that of feeling free, clear and prepared to concentrate on the business at hand. At the point when my little office at home is untidy I begin to feel fatigued, scattered and pre-occupied from what should be finished.

Declutter to stop exhaustion

Declutter to prevent exhaustion

Disarray is a stagnant energy and it will influence you inwardly, rationally and physically. So let that old stale energy out. On the off chance that you can’t put it away throw it away. Try not to put old pointless stuff away particularly if it’s broken. Broken things convey a stale energy. Discard them – for example, old printers or fax machines. Be ruthless. If something has been stored in a box for the last 3 years chuck it!

Anything with a negative connection, get rid of it. For example, keeping a piece of artwork given to you by an ex partner can bring about sadness or anguish or blame. You don’t need those energies around you. If it’s a valuable piece – think of the money you can make!

At the point when your office is clear you can discover things rapidly and effortlessly. You won’t feel focused or disappointed.

You may be in the situation that you feel you “ought to” clear up, however can’t muster up the energy. On the off chance that this is the case, then get somebody that can help you and support you.

  • When your office is cleared you feel brighter and lighter
  • When your office is cleared, you will feel less distracted
  • No obstacles in the way to trip over will help your day and business to flow
  • Clearing up means drawing in wealth and prosperity, more clients, more customers, more business opportunities

How to do the Declutter

1. Before you begin. Place a little bit of red jasper, green fluorite and Amber in the middle of the room. These stones will be stones for helping you with resolution and determination ( Red jasper, tigers eye), organization ( tigers eye and green fluorite) and purifying ( Amber)

2. Unwind, relax for a few minutes and then take a piece of paper. Concentrate on the stones and ask yourself how your office can best serve you and your business.

3. Remember you are the business and it is an extension of you.

4. At that point check out the room and get to see what irritates you when you take a look around . Record your list of changes you need to make.

5. Take the stones in your grasp and think for a couple of minutes , envisioning the workplace looking wonderful, clear and clean.

6. At that point when you have completed list get to work. Get rid articles and things that are not business related. Clear your work area.

7. You will feel brighter and lighter and raring to go.

8. Make de-cluttering a regular occasion. You are assuming responsibility of your emotional, mental and spiritual self and in this manner your business and that is great news.

9. The stones to keep your space clear, composed and peaceful are black tourmaline, green fluorite and Amethyst, which can be lovely adornments to have in the workplace.

Once you have completed the declutter, relax for a moment and breath in that space and freedom!

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Love and Crystal light


You can declutter and free up your life

You can declutter and free up your life