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Why Bamboo?

Our clothes are manufactured from 93% bamboo textile. Here’s why we chose to use bamboo in our brand:

Bamboo is breathable

Working out in breathable material notably helps our workout performance. There’s nothing worse than feeling sweaty and uncomfortable whilst exercising.

Incredibly soft

The fabric composite we use is super soft. Bamboo is the cashmere of cotton – giving it a luxurious feel.


Bamboo fabric is hypoallergenic, so perfect for allergy prone skin. The soft natural fibres sit comfortably on the skin.


Germs and bacteria don’t live well on this fabric, meaning it doesn’t get smelly- even after days- making it the perfect backpack piece.

UV protection

Bamboo shields you from the sun by cutting down 97.5% of harmful rays.

Bamboo is a sustainable natural resource

Unlike many artificial synthetic fabrics, bamboo grows naturally and quickly – it is actually the fastest growing plant in the world, making it sustainable. It can grow up to 3ft in one day – or in metric, that’s 4cm an hour!